Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Big Ol' Disaster

In fumbling around trying to fix a font problem on our website, I discovered hundreds of requests for our free Spending Plan .pdf that didn't make it to the email box. Some of them go back to June. Most are from September through yesterday. What a disaster. All of those people probably think I'm a big jerk.

What I will do is begin with the most recent and go backwards, replying one at a time to each inquiry. I will apologize profusely and send the .pdf hoping some will forgive me. Fortunately, the requests were saved in the admin section of the website and I'll be able to check it daily so this problem won't happen again. Still, I feel awful.


DwightB said...

Sam, you're a tough guy to track down, thought I was going to need a dog-sled. I was the architect involved while you were at Council Bluffs. It sounds like you're doing well now. We built a church in Marietta once a long time ago, but that's several miles from you. Can you email me re: East Side? I need to know how far along construction was when the first const. supt. left.