Sunday, October 7, 2007

Mixed Results

Needless to say, as the author of IOU NO MORE, I follow the results of book sales pretty closely. Some weeks I am very encouraged by the results, other weeks are disappointing. Of course, since we don't have national marketing or anything those kinds of ups and downs are too be expected. On the up side, those who buy the book have had good things to say. I've received many positive comments. I am pleased that people are being helped.

The website continues to generated large volumes of hits and I get many requests for the free spending plan. I love hearing from folks so please keep the notes and questions coming.

If your Church, civic group, workplace, school or other organization is looking for a workshop or seminar on handling debt or money management, please consider an IOU NO MORE Live Event. Spread the word.


pbpriore said...

Hello again!

I ordered your book! Looking forward to it.

Had a good birthday - we share the 51 age thing now...

Great Fall Production last Sunday! Now, on to Christmas!

Keep in touch!