Thursday, June 14, 2007

Website Active, Mostly

We're excited to announce that the IOU NO MORE website is up and active. As you can see, it is currently pretty basic. In some ways, it always will be. We want to keep things simple and effective. At the moment you can order our new book, "IOU No More", read the tip of the week, follow the IOU No More blog and take advantage of our savings, debt and mortgage calculators. In the very near future we'll be adding a shopping cart so you can order a complete set of IOU NO MORE forms for tracking your financial progress. We will also have "Starter Kits" that will have a copy of the book, a forms cd, a three ring binder, a set of paper forms and an IOU NO MORE mechanical pencil.

Besides, the shopping cart, we are developing a FAQ page and a section for Testimonies and Success Stories. Please feel free to email us your own thoughts and questions. We love to hear from other revolutionaries.

Later on down the road, we intend to add a podcast that is updated weekly. But that feature will have to wait for a while.

We have also started a campaign on the internet to drive people to our site and hopefully to buy the book or at least get them thinking about becoming debt free. Viva la Revolucion!