Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Voting Day Tomorrow

Nov. 4. Whew! We thought it might never arrive. Now it's upon us. If you didn't take advantage of 'early voting' I truly do encourage you to participate in the process. If you are a registered voter, please express yourself by casting your vote. Your candidates may win. They may not. But when we all take part, we help make the process work. Feel free to tell the world who you voted for, or keep it to yourself. Its up to you.

Since Brittan and I voted on Friday, we will just go about our business as usual. The only difference for me will be a little extra time praying for voters and candidates (all the major ones, anyway). I will be praying for voter and victor wisdom.

I will not be staying up watching the results. It's not like I can control the outcome. I will go to bed and wake up to a surprise on Wednesday. Regardless of the identity of our next President, I make you this guarantee; the sun will rise in the east.